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25 April 2008 @ 10:20 pm

I'm Jaded as I am every other waking moment. I've been up to nothing in particular just wondering through life with no exact purpose as are all teenagers. I'll be scrutinizing Iron Man, on the 3rd laughs I'm only joking. I will not be doing anything of that sort because I'm in love with Iron Man and I wouldnt do it fairly. Stephenie Meyer May 22nd!!! The Host signing+Discussion counting down teh days that seem to slug by slowly!  Prom Night! Yesterday I watched Prom Night with my sister.  The movie itself was pretty pleasant, unique plot unlike anything being made these days. Be it as it may I can not say the same for Doomsday which leaks of cheap resident evil. “...just the hindered killer-virus movie of the year...this is a remake of Resident Evil if you ask me” The eye candy crown goes to Kellan Lutz, who didn’t see this coming?  James Ransone can detect anything of mine and Johnathon Schaech [yummy] can try to kidnap me on my prom day any time! If I had to rate this movie it would be 8 murderess teachers out of 10. I took away 2 for 2 reasons 1. The ending was horrible! Way too sudden, it leaves you staring at the screen wondering why there are words whizzing by. 2. The soundtrack was repulsive! If you played [Daft Punk’s – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger] in the dance floor scene it would have gotten my thumbs up and if I were a guy maybe something else would be up. If you know what I mean [wink-wink] Mr. Kellan Lutz plus cool beats spells love making to me!




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16 April 2008 @ 08:28 pm

I have been enlightened blogging is like a Diary WO_OW I feel so retarded right now I thought this was like supposed to be public. I guess not. Woo I’m seriously in deep shit right now I still need to finish loads of work!

PS: I have decided to “blog” Every Thursday or Friday I highly doubt I will be able to keep that up! I forget about many things.
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14 April 2008 @ 11:05 pm

I haven’t written for many reasons one this blogging thing is unbelievably boring and no one reads it. Let me tell you something those of you who manage to do this every darn day and have people reading your blogs impress me.  Many things have happened; I had a drama filled weekend.  Why you may ask, well I went to Mexico my cousins and uncles got drunk right? So well we all know what happens next. They get in this huge fight they start to hit each other one of my uncles’ takes off in his car like a maniac but what does he have in his back seat? His three year old son that’s who he has back there. Yeah the idiot takes his son; one of my cousins gets injured and passes out. Woo so we ended up leaving at 2 in the morning. Oh god the trip back home was hell! “Yeah there may be bugs on some of your mugs but theyain’t no bugs on me” yeah I know random.

            Moving on to better things I had this great idea. And with every great idea comes a myspace page dedicated to it so here http://www.myspace.com/deadlyselly yeah if you don’t have a MySpace, your loss well not really its mine. This is just a random project to keep me busy. You know out of the streets, to stay non-violent and away from my drug addict friends. Penny I’m not talking about you at all. She said she read this but I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Nobody reads this ha-ha! I know previously said this was for personal satisfaction well I changed my mind I feel retarted writting if no one is going to read it! But it kills time so it's alright to a certain point!



Giselle Flores

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09 April 2008 @ 08:49 am

My name is Giselle, some friends call me Silly and some friends call me Selly. I’m procrastinating real work so this will be short [I think] I have decided to make a blog for my own personal satisfaction. I got braces March 19 and they don’t bother me as much as everyone said they would. So yeah silly’s fact of the week for you right there ha-ha not that you care. I’m a proud twilighter more details later. Well I got to get to work on my assignments two credits are due tomorrow so I better get a move on if I don’t want to stay up all night. Yeah dont want that do we [Not that i dont do it anyway] I'm waiting for my Twilight (Hardcover) to arrive in the mail and yes this will be my second copy but hey I'm getting it signed by Stephenie Meyer herself on May 23rd Woo!


Giselle Flores

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